Meeting on Large Quantum Systems, Warwick University, Coventry, 11-15 June, 2007


Monday, 11 June
2-3  Walter Aschbacher, "Landauer-Büttiker formulas in systems of independent fermions"
3-3:30  Tea
3:30-4:30  Tony Dorlas, "The HSW theorem for a chennal with long-term memory"
4:30-5:30  András Suto, "Remarks on the variational quasiparticle theory for bosons"

Tuesday, 12 June
9:30-10:30  Florian Theil, "Towards a Mathematical Justification of Kinetic Theory"
10:30-11  Coffee
11-12  Jakob Yngvason, "Rotating Bose Gases"

2-3  Stefan Adams, "Probabilistic approaches to Bose-Einstein condensation"
3-3:30  Tea
3:30-4:30  Marco Merkli, "Repeated Interaction Systems I: Deterministic"

6  MACBETH: Departure of minibus from Warwick University

Wednesday, 13 June
9:30-10:30  Patrik Ferrari, "A stochastic growth of an interface on a plane: fluctuations for the KPZ universality class"
10:30-11  Coffee
11-12  Miloš Zahradnik, "Combinatorial approach to cluster (Mayer) expansions"

Afternoon:  Excursion, followed by the conference dinner (at Vintner, Stratford-upon-Avon)

Thursday, 14 June
9:30-10:30  Valentin Zagrebnov, "About Variational Principle for a Pair Hamiltonian Boson Model"
10:30-11  Coffee
11-12  Robert Seiringer, "The Free Energy of Dilute Quantum Gases"

2-3  Horia Cornean, "Adiabatically switched-on electrical bias in continuous systems, and the Landauer-Buttiker formula"
3-3:30  Tea
3:30-4:30  Laurent Bruneau, "Repeated Interaction Systems II: Random"
4:30-5:30  Ostap Hryniv,  "Birth of the critical droplet and related topics"

Friday, 15 June
9:30-10:30  Valeriy Slastikov, "Fast rotating Bose-Einstein condensates: variational approach."
10:30-11  Coffee
11-12  Bruno Nachtergaele, "A multi-dimensional Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem"