This term, all seminars take place Thursdays at 2pm, room MS.04 (Zeeman Building), unless indicated otherwise.

Schedule for

Tomohiro Sasamoto, 05.02.2009



11.10.2018 Leonid Petrov (Virginia)
Nonequilibrium particle systems in inhomogeneous space
I will discuss stochastic interacting particle systems in the KPZ universality class evolving in one-dimensional inhomogeneous space. The inhomogeneity means that the speed of a particle depends on its location. I will focus on integrable examples of such systems, i.e., for which certain observables can be written in an exact form suitable for asymptotic analysis. Examples include a continuous-space version of TASEP (totally asymmetric simple exclusion process), and the pushTASEP (=long-range TASEP). For integrable systems, limiting density can be described in an explicit way. We obtain asymptotics of fluctuations, in particular, around slow bonds and infinite traffic lights.
Contact: Nikos
18.10.2018 Jonathan Hermon (University of Cambridge)
No percolation at criticality for groups with fast heat kernel decay
I will prove that there is no percolation at criticality on groups satisfying a heat kernel bound of the form p_n(v,v) < e^(-c n^gamma) for gamma > 1/2. This condition is known to hold for certain groups of intermediate growth. Joint work with Tom Hutchcroft.
Contact: Wei

01.11.2018 Khoa Le (Imperial College)

Contact: Giuseppe

15.11.2018 David Dereudre (Lille)

Contact: Stefan A

29.11.2018 Steffen Dereich (M√ľnster)

Contact: Stefan A
06.12.2018 Willem van Zuijlen (Weierstrass Institute)

Contact: Giuseppe