This term, all seminars take place Thursdays at 2pm, room MS.04 (Zeeman Building), unless indicated otherwise.

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Freddy Bouchet, 06.06.2013





17.05.2018 Andre Schlichting (RWTH Aachen)
Macroscopic limits of the Becker-Döring equation via gradient structures
In this talk, we consider evolution equation with a gradient structure. That is, the evolution is obtained as gradient flow of a free energy with respect to some metric. We review a variational framework, which allows passing to the limit from one gradient structure to another. In particular, we apply the method to gradient structures of a discrete coagulation-fragmentation model, the Becker-Böring equation, and its macroscopic limit in the form of a non-local conservation law. We show that the convergence result obtained by B. Niethammer (J. Nonlinear Sci.) can be extended to proof the convergence not only for solutions of the Becker-Döring equation towards the Lifshitz-Slyozov-Wagner equation of coarsening but also the convergence of the associated gradient structures. If time permits, we will outline how the variational structure may be able to quantify the rate of the convergence of gradient structures.
Contact: Stefan G
24.05.2018 Giovanni Peccati (University of Luxemburg)
Limit theorems for Gaussian random waves
I will discuss several limit theorems characterising the high-energy fluctuations of geometric quantities (such as nodal lengths and nodal counts) associated with Gaussian random waves - with specific emphasis on the planar, arithmetic and spherical cases. Our techniques are based on a pervasive use of Wiener-Itô chaotic expansions, as applied to limit theorems and probabilistic approximations: in particular, we will show that the use of Wiener chaos fully explains some remarkable cancellation phenomena for variances of nodal quantities, first discovered by M. V. Berry in 2002 in the framework of planar random waves. Based on several joint works (some ongoing) with F. Dalmao, G. Dierickx, D. Marinucci, I. Nourdin, M. Rossi and I. Wigman.
Contact: Hendrik
31.05.2018 James Martin (University of Oxford)

Contact: Daniel
07.06.2018 Nick Simm (University of Sussex)

Contact: Daniel
14.06.2018 Nicolas Dirr (Cardiff)

Contact: Stefan A
21.06.2018 Ines Armendariz (University of Buenos Aires)

Contact: Stefan G
28.06.2018 Antonio Moro (Northumbria University)

Contact: Costanza