Entropy and the Quantum - Tucson, Arizona, March 16-20, 2009


Entropy & the Quantum -- Picture gallery
Sunday March 15 - Hike in Bear and Sabino Canyons

Still smiling... but this is the beginning!

Antti, Eric, Sven, and Daniel

Volker, Sven, Antti, and Eric

Crossing from Bear to Sabino Canyon.
Eric, Daniel, Volker, Antti, and Sven

The good pictures, including
this one, are from Sven!
Monday March 15 - At work



Tuesday March 17 - At work or on campus


Selma, Semra, Nilufer, and Eman

Semra, Selma, Nilufer
Wednesday March 18 - At work, the Desert Museum, and hike on Wasson Peak


Bruno, Daniel, and Bob

Brent, Michael, and Rafael

Sven, Hillel, and Antti

Antti and Hillel

Marcelo, Selma, and Monika

Roger, Chrissy, and Abe


Robert, Semra, Rupert, Christian, and Nilufer

On the way to Wasson Peak

Wasson Peak... Can you spot the two Austrian
mountaineers, much quicker than the rest of us?

Robert and Christian

On top of Wasson Peak, Semra, Christian,
Robert, Nilufer, Eric, Rupert, and Daniel

Rupert, Nilufer, and Daniel

Thanks to Semra for the picture!

Monika, Eman, and Jeroen

Rupert, Semra, and Daniel

Robert and Eric

Eric and Christian

Marcelo and Zheng

Gustavo and Florina
Thursday March 19 - At work, and the evening buffet

Mary Beth

Bill Faris... "Entropy and
the Quantum", that's him!



At the buffet

Friday March 20 - At work, and after



Fighting the drought...
Saturday March 21 - Tombstone, SE of Tucson


Believe it or not, the show started
with a quote from Shakespeare!

Friendly guy, isn't it?

Eric, Rupert, and Semra

Rupert, Volker, Daniel, and Eric

Oops! Errare humanum est.